“A surreal journey to a distant planet plays with the mind of Oliver as he starts to question if what he sees actually exists.”

A collaborative effort between five individuals, Afterburn is a (hypothetical) sci-fi series pitch, based on Dr. Oliver Sack’s novel ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat‘. We follow the perspective of a patient who is unaware he is undergoing an experimental treatment that relays his thoughts, emotions and mental state into a tangible space in which he exists, exploring different parts of his psyche in order to come to terms with his illness.

While every member of the team did their respective share of animation, throughout the creation process I mainly took on the role of a creative producer and a line producer; streamlining and navigating the team and its work schedule, keeping track of artistic developments, as well as exploring the financial and distributional possibilities in consultation with the director. Below you can find an overview of the final pitch bible I produced, as well as a gallery of some individual spreads.

Clicking on any of the images below will open to a gallery where they can be viewed at a larger size

Directing and writing – Jacob Eriksson
Production – Emma Sophia
Character design – Jim Lilius Lundmark
Environment design – Aleksandra Bokova
Lead animator – Guus van der Putten

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