VR – Beyond the Sepals

A collaboration between three animators and two spatial designers, Beyond the Sepals is a multisensory interactive VR experience and an artistic representation of life, choices and consequences. Created within 16 weeks on minimal budget, the installation was on display at the public exhibition Religion In Motion at the Willem de Kooning Academy in December 2018.

We collectively worked on the narrative development of the installation, before getting to work and branching out into our respective fields of expertise.

Sound design and asset modelling/animation were my main contributions to this project. I composed an adaptive score, developed sound effects, and programmed these into the VR blueprints. A short example of that can be seen in the diegetic trailer below. Besides that I helped model and animate multiple 3D assets that were used in the experience as well.

Visual development – Aleksandra Bokova
Coding – Jacob Eriksson
Animation – Aleksandra Bokova, Emma Sophia, Jacob Eriksson
Sound design – Emma Sophia

Spatial design – Dian Daniels, Luc Giljam

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